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dear lady pope - Confessions of the Popers

Aug. 21st, 2004

11:39 pm - dear lady pope

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this could be my most interesting entry yet, sence jayson has been back i have had some well i dont know what to call it sex... anyways ... skiping ahead and leaving out all the great details i well tell a short and exciting tail....

once upon a time there were two friends name deanna and shellie who had two boyfriends one for each of them. shellies was named cody and deannas was named jayson (with a y). and one night the girls were to lazy to leave the room so in shellies house one set on the bed, one on the floor. they had equally as great sex with there boyfriends. and in the morning deanna decide it should happen again so again it happen and it was once again it was equally as great sex. and this is where the story begins... they now are free with the sexual experiances and can now freely have sex in the same room with no questions asked, and no wondering eyes.

i love you shellie next time i want to her same nosies

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